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"Kojō ezu(picture in Edo Period)" from 国立国会図書館

Collected by the Inagaki family, the Toba Daimyō from the mid-Edo period to the Meiji Restoration, as materials for military studies. There are about 350 illustrations, but there is no uniformity because only illustrations of castles, illustrations including castle towns, and old battlefield illustrations are mixed.

Another typical example of a castle picture in the Edo period is "The Shōhō Shiroezu", picture of the castle and castle town that the Edo Shogunate ordered the daimyō to create and submit,aggregating military information such as the buildings inside the castle, the height of the stone wall, the width of the moat and the water depth, etc., it also details the location and shape of the castle town and the mountain river.

Profile : Komoro Castle Ruins

LocationKomoro City, Nagano Prefecture
Also known asSuigetu Castle, Anajiro Castle
Type of castleHilltop
Mountain's name
DesignationNational Important Cultural Properties
Year built1554
Castle lordTakeda Shingen
Refurbishment lordSengoku Hidehisa
Portrait of Takeda Shingen from Wikipedia
Portrait of Sengoku Hidehisa from Wikipedia
Family Crest of Sengoku Clan from "Bukan Complete Works" (produced by CODH) adapted from "Classical Japanese National Data Set" (Kokubunken Collection)

The family crest was originally created from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and the pattern was made into a fixed pattern, and the one attached to his own oxcart is said to be the beginning of the family crest. The warlords drew large crests on the flag-fingers, used to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and used by the generals to determine which warlords were active and how much.

Komoro Castle admission

admission fee : 500yen (Common) 200yen(Junior high and elementary students)
admission time :
(mid March -November 30) : am9-pm5
holyday : every Wednesday(December 1- mid March) New year holidays and more reference official site (japanese)

Komoro Castle Google Map

Komoro Castle Images 

The Komoro district is an important land linking the Kanto and Shinshu regions, where on a cliff facing the Chikuma River at the southern foot of Mt. Asama and is a good target for Takeda Shingen, who aims to advance into North Shinano in the Warring States period. Shingen sets up territory when he captures Ōishi Equipment. The Honmaru was newly built, and the joint-type Hirayama Castle, the prototype of Komoro Castle, was completed.
When the era shifted to the Toyotomi administration,Sengoku Hidehisa , who played an active part in "Odawara Attack," entered the castle. The castle was transformed into a modern castle with a double castle tower and a large gate by Hidehisa. In general, the castle is getting higher as it goes along with the Sannomaru, NInomaru, and Honmaru, while the Komoro Castle is getting lower. This is because the slope of the shore terrace of the Chikuma River was incorporated into the territory, and the castle is located lower than the castle town. Because of its uniqueness , another called "Ana jiro", like going into a hole.
The "Ōtemon" and the stone walls have been left as they were 400 years ago.
The Sannomon gate where the flats of the ”Kaikoen" are hung built in 1765.
Kuromon Ruins
There is a mirror stone that is said to have been polished by Yamamoto Kansuke ,who Takeda's famous military and castle master.
When the castle was built by him , It is alleged that Kansuke reflected his face on the mirror stone in the morning and evening and looked back at himself.
Minamimaru Ruins
View from Komoro Castle
At present, it is maintained and open as a park utilizing the natural scenery as the Komoro Castle Kaikoen Municipal Park, and entrance is charged.

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