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Photograph of a group of Ainu people in 1904 from Wikipedia

Profile : Ruins of Chashi in Nemuro Peninshula

Location Mainly in Nemuro region, Hokkaido and distributed in Aomori Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, and Iwate Prefecture (Tōhoku region)
Also known as
Type of castlemountaintop
Mountain's name
ConditionRuins only
DesignationNational Hsitoric Sites
Year built16~18th century
Castle lord
Refurbishment lord
"Chashi Girls"

Image Character of Ruins of Chashi in Nemuro Peninshula from official site
Distribution of Ainu in Japan and the Russian Federation in 1999 from Wikipedia

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admission fee : free
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※There are 24 Chashi ruins in the Nemuro city as a national designated historic site, but please note that the places where you can actually go to the site are limited.
closing period : reference official site  

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Chashi is an Ainu language meaning fort or fence. There are many simple structures formed by moats, earthworks and embankments on natural cliffs on cliffs facing hills and coasts. They were used not only as forts for battle, but also as rituals, gatherings, and lookouts. Hokkaido has about 500 chashis, most of which are distributed from the central part to the eastern part. In Nemuro city, 32 chasi traces have been confirmed, Twenty-four of these are nationally designated historic sites.
These are typical types of chashi. "Isolated island type" uses hills and islands isolated on plains and lakes. The “hilltop type” uses a mountaintop. The “hillside type” uses a prominent plateau such as a cape. In the "cliff type", a semicircular moat was built on the cliff, and the interior was used as a fort.
Suitable for tours among nationally designated historic sites

Onnemotochashi Ruin is a cliff-type chashi that surrounds a part of a hill or cape with a moat or trench. Nemuro Peninsula Chashi is common in this form.
Cape Nosappu

This is the easternmost point on the mainland. From here, you can see the territories of Habomai, Shikotan, Kunashiri and etorofu, which are unique to Japan. The oldest lighthouse in Hokkaido stands at the tip of the cape, built in 1872.
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