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"Kojō ezu (picture in Edo Period)" from 国立国会図書館

Collected by the Inagaki family, the Toba Daimyō from the mid-Edo period to the Meiji Restoration, as materials for military studies. There are about 350 illustrations, but there is no uniformity because only illustrations of castles, illustrations including castle towns, and old battlefield illustrations are mixed.

Another typical example of a castle picture in the Edo period is "The Shōhō Shiroezu", picture of the castle and castle town that the Edo Shogunate ordered the daimyō to create and submit,aggregating military information such as the buildings inside the castle, the height of the stone wall, the width of the moat and the water depth, etc., it also details the location and shape of the castle town and the mountain river.

Profile : Shiroishi Castle

LocationShiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture
Also known asMasuoka Castle
Type of castleHilltop
Mountain's name
ConditionReconstructed main keep
Designation Shiroishi City Historic Sites
Year built1591
Castle lordGamō Satonari
Refurbishment lordGamō Clan, Katakura Clan
Portrait of Gamō Ujisato from Wikipedia
Family Crest of Gamō Clan from Wikipedia

The family crest was originally created from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and the pattern was made into a fixed pattern, and the one attached to his own oxcart is said to be the beginning of the family crest. The warlords drew large crests on the flag-fingers, used to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and used by the generals to determine which warlords were active and how much.
Portrait of Katakura Kagetsuna from Wikipedia
Portrait of Katakura Shigenaga by Ochiai Yoshiiku from Wikipedia

Shiroishi Castle admission

admission fee : 400yen (Adult) 200yen (under high school students)
admission time : am9-pm5 (April 1- Octber 31) am9-pm4 (November 1-March 31)
closing period : December 28 - 31 reference official site

Shiroishi Castle Google Map

Shiroishi Castle Images 

Since 1591, this land has been given to Gamō Ujisato, and his vassal, Gamō Satonari, has built his own castle. After Uesugi's reign, it returned to Date Clan after the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Date Masamune made Shiroishi Castle a branch of Sendai Castle and Katakura Kagetsuna, an important vassal, the chief of Shiroishi Castle. Thereafter, Katakura Clan would rule as a castle until the Meiji Restoration.
Restored Main Keep south side

After the "One Country and One Castle Ordinance", which was ordered by the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1615 to destroy all but the residential castles, the Sendai Clan received a special case in which the Shiroishi Castle, a supporting castle, was allowed to survive. For the supporting castle, the castle lord paid attention to the shogunate and called it the "Ō-Yagura" (the big turret) instead of main keep. It was destroyed in the Meiji era, and was restored to wooden construction in the Heisei era.
The castle is built on a hill at an altitude of about 76m, with Ninomaru, Nakanomaru and Nishikuruwa around Honmaru, the highest point,
In the middle of one step down, Numa no Maru, Minami no Maru, Tatsumi kuruwa, Obi kuruwa, and Umaya kuruwa etc. were arranged.
Restored well and Ōtemon Gate
Ōte Ninomon Gate

It is a yaguramon gate style that is equivalent to the actual Honmaru Ōte-mon Gate, with one side on a stone wall.
The stone wall of Honmaru

It is interesting to compare the two areas of stone wall how to make ”Nozura-zumi" and the subsequent "Uchikomi-hagi".
Inside the third floor of the main keep.The third floor was a watchtower and the room was about 30 tatami mats wide.

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