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Ishigakiyama castle scenery from Odawara castle

It was built at the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi on "Odawara Conqest" in 1590, at the summit of Mt. Kasagake, located about 3 km southwest of Odawara Castle.

Ishigakiyama Castle, which was the headquarters of the Toyotomi Allied Forces, not only gathered the powerful daimyō of the nation under Hideyoshi , but even during the war, a messenger reception from the Imperial family and a tea room were made. It was also a stage to inform the power of the world. As a remarkable anecdote, Date Masamune , the young Ōshu conqueror at that time, who had been angry because he had repeatedly received orders from Hideyoshi for a second time to appear in this place, appeared in the first meeting with burial clothes. This behavior of Masamune, who had just saved his life by the intercession of Hideyashi's closest servant Tokugawa Ieyasu, is still passed down, and Masamune would swear his lifelong loyalty to the Tokugawa shogunate. On the other hand, Ieyasu also received a ruthless recommendation from Hideyoshi at this time in Ishigakiyama Castle to leave the local Mikawa and Suruga region instead of giving the Kantō territory.

Profile : Ishigakiyama Castle Ruins

LocationOdawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Also known asIshigakiyama Ichiya-jō (Ichiya-jō means it looks like completed by only one night )   
Type of castleMountaintop
Mountain's nameMt. Kasagake
Year built1590
Castle lordToyotomi Hideyoshi
Refurbishment lord
Position map of Odawara Battle presented by Odawara Castle Main Keep General Administration Office
(Authorized publication 1.July 2020)

Green :Hojō Army
Red and Yellow :Toyotomi Allience

Toyotomi's army surrounds Odawara Castle, about 200,000.
Ishigakiyama Castle, where Toyotomi's headquarters are located, is in the lower left of the image.
Portrait of Toyotomi Hideyoshi from Wikipedia
The family crest of Toyotomi Clan from Wikipedia

The family crest was originally created from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and the pattern was made into a fixed pattern, and the one attached to his own oxcart is said to be the beginning of the family crest. The warlords drew large crests on the flag-fingers, used to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and used by the generals to determine which warlords were active and how much.

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Ishigakiyama Castle Images 

Ruins of Honmaru

When attacking Odawara Castle, Toyotomi Hideyoshi has set up on Mt.Ishigaki, where can see Odawara Castle below. About 80 days from the start of construction to completion, the legend of "Ishigakiyama overnight castle" are still handed down.
Upon completion, the trees that had hidden the castle were cut off. A day later, the castle seemed to appear suddenly. Hideyoshi moves his team here when the castle is completed, then a tea ceremony and a dance party were held every day in the castle as if in Odawara Castle to show off.
Hideyoshi's army surrounds Odawara Castle and stay waiting. The enemy offers a variety of entertainment during the battle they can see enough room. Hojo's army gradually loses his will to fight with the other party's margin. This is an anecdote that Hojo's side gradually leaned from thorough fighting to surrender.
The castle was built as Hideyoshi's headquarters, so to speak "Battle castle" (simple castle built as a temporary structure during field battles) , but it is said to have been a full-scale castle in preparation for the long-term war.
signboard of Ishigakiyama Ichiyajō Historical Park

official siteOdawara City

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