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Geographical environment of Okinawa Prefecture from Official site

Okinawa、home to Nakagusuku Castle, consists of more than 150 islands in the East China Sea, between Taiwan and Honshyū. Known for its tropical climate, vast beaches and coral reefs, and World War II sites. There is "Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum", built to pass on the massive 1945 invasion of the Allied Forces to future generations, and "Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium" with whale sharks and manta rays in Okinawa's largest island.

Profile : Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

LocationNakagusuku village, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture
Also known as
Type of castleMountaintop
Mountain's name
ConditionRuins only 
DesignationWorld Heritage Sites
National Historic Sites
Year builtabout late 14th century
Castle lordunknown
Refurbishment lordGosamaru Seishun, Sachinakagusukuaji
Portrait of King Shōen from Wikipedia
Letter of King Shōen to Shimazu Clan, Satsuma Domain in 1471 from The University of Tokyo Archives

Nakagusuku Castle admission

admission fee : 400yen(Adult) 300yen(High and Junior high school students) 200yen(Elementary school students) ※Pickup cart is available for free
admission time : (May 1- September 30) am8:30-pm6 (October 1- April 30)am8:30-pm5
closing period : open everyday reference official site

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Nakagusuku Castle Images 

"Gusuku" (城) is an Okinawan castle that is scattered in the Okinawa Islands and is registered as a World Heritage Site. Shuri Castle, Nakijin Castle, Zamami Castle, and Katsuren Castle are also famous.
A beautiful stone-built gate (arch gate) that is characteristic of the Ryūkyū castle (Gusuku)

Unlike other local stone walls, the stone walls are magnificent and curved. In addition, arches with an arched top are not found in other regions. It can be said that there is no water moat.
It is a fortified mountaintop style castle that is made up of six Kuruwas (defence sections). The building inside the castle is influenced by the palace of the mainland China and the Korean Peninsula.
Perry, who is famous for "the Invasion of Kurofune", also praised the castle construction technology.
At that time, Admiral Matthew Perry of the United States approached Japan and visited the main island of Okinawa in May 1853. His group, who also visited Nakagusuku Castle, was amazed at the high level of technical skills in building walls and arch gates, and wrote a detailed report on the castle. He praised the excellence of the stone wall.
"The material of the fortress was limestone, and its stone architecture was admirable. The stones ... are very carefully carved and stitched together, using neither plaster nor cement, but did not seem to impair the durability of the work. " (from "Japan Expedition" )
If you live in a place where do not have a sea, or if you are traveling and want to enjoy the beautiful sea, we strongly recommend the mainland Okinawa and the islands in this region. Because it's too attractive.

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