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"Kojō-ezu (picture in Edo Period)" from 国立国会図書館

Collected by the Inagaki family, the Toba Daimyō from the mid-Edo period to the Meiji Restoration, as materials for military studies. There are about 350 illustrations, but there is no uniformity because only illustrations of castles, illustrations including castle towns, and old battlefield illustrations are mixed.

Another typical example of a castle picture in the Edo period is "The Shōhō Shiroezu", picture of the castle and castle town that the Edo Shogunate ordered the daimyō to create and submit,aggregating military information such as the buildings inside the castle, the height of the stone wall, the width of the moat and the water depth, etc., it also details the location and shape of the castle town and the mountain river.

Profile : Ne Castle Ruins

LocationHachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture
Mabuchi River terrace
Also known as
Type of castleHilltop
No main keep but other buildings
DesignationNational Historical Sites
Year built1334
Castle lordNanbu Moroyuki
Refurbishment lordHachinohe Clan
Statue of Nanbu moroyuki from Wikipedia
Family Crest of Nanbu Clan from Wikipedia

The family crest was originally created from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and the pattern was made into a fixed pattern, and the one attached to his own oxcart is said to be the beginning of the family crest. The warlords drew large crests on the flag-fingers, used to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and used by the generals to determine which warlords were active and how much.

Ne Castle admission

admission fee : 250yen (Adult) 150yen(Above junior high school students) 50yen(Above elementary school students)
admission time : am9-pm5
closing period : during winter (December 27 - January 4) reference official site (japanese)

Ne Castle Google Map

Ne Castle Images 

It is said that Nanbu Moroyuki named the castle "Ne Castle" (根城) when he set up the castle in 1334, in the hope of being a castle that would be the foundation of the Southern Court. "Ne" means an important foundation of things. He succeeded in the battle of Daikouji and expanded his influence in the Tsugaru region. Finally, Nanbu's army went on an expedition to defeat Ashikaga Takauji, after becoming the first Shōgun of Muromachi Shogunate, Moroyuki died in a battle with Kohno Moronao, the great general of Northern Court.
Reconstructed Honmaru main buildings

Honmaru has been restored in 1994, and the surrounding area has been maintained as the "Historic Sites Ne Castle Plaza."
Archaeological excavations reveal the location of the pillars and walls of each building, and the buildings rebuilt using all original materials and techniques are truly amazing.
Ne Castle is not a so-called "castle-like castle" because it was from a time before the construction of the castle flourished, but it will make history fans, castle fans, architectural fans, and archeology fans enjoyable enough.
Reconstructed Work Shop
The Torench
It can be used to prevent enemies from easily crossing a slope and can be forced into the kill zone.
Reconstructed Stable 
A moddel of the reconstructed grounds
Reconstructed Barn
Reconstructed castle fence

Reconstructed Prayer Hall in Honmaru


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