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Taga Castle remains

The Mutsu Kokufu and The Chinjufu, government office in ancient Japan located in the Mutsu country, placed in Taga Castle.
Political and military bases in Tōhoku districts in 8th century.

Profile : Taga Castle Ruins

LocationTagajō City, Miyagi Prefecture
Also known as
Type of castleAncient castle fence
DesignationNational Special Historic Sites
National Important Cultural Properties (Monument)
Year built724
Castle lordŌnono Azumabito
Refurbishment lordFujiwara Asakari
Portrait of Ōnono Azumabito from Wikipedia

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Installed as a military base on the Shiogama hill, the southeastern part of the Matsushima hill.
Reconstructed Base has Uneven square of about 900m square, The fence were stretched. A government office of about 100m square was built in the center, and it is believed that politics took place here.
In the small hall near here , there is a monument with 141 characters indicating the location of the castle,built during the restoration of Taga Castle in 762. Designated as an important cultural property as a valuable monument to know its history.
One of very valuable Japan's three ancient monuments.
Reconstructed model of Taga Castle Government office

The government was built in the 8th century,rebuilt three times until the 10th century.  However, the total location of central main hall, the east-west side hall, the south gate surrounded by these consistently did not change.

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