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Momotarō using a gavel and his companion pheasant, dog, and monkey (picture in Edo Period) from 国立国会図書館

【Momotarō】is one of Japan's most famous fairy tales, a story of a boy born from giant peaches. When his grandfather and grandmother worked on the riverside, they found a unbelievable giant peach flowing from upstream surprisingly. So they caught and broke it , a baby boy appeared from the inside and crying. Because of born from peach, he was named "Momotarō"(peach ≒ "momo" in japanese). Then he grew up, receiving a millet dumpling from his parents , following dogs, monkeys and pheasants, and going to defeat the Demon to Onigashima. There is a theory that this castle is the model of it.
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Profile : Kino Castle Ruins

LocationSōja City, Okayama Prefecture
Also known asKinojōzan
Type of castleMountaintop
Mountain's nameMt.Kinojō
Year builtabout the end of 7th century
Castle lordYamato Court
Refurbishment lord

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A mysterious ancient mountaintop castle built on a rugged land

Castles that have left their name in history are often depicted in historical books such as "Nihon Shoki", on the other hand, this castle is a mysterious castle that is not left in such literature.
In recent studies, one theory is that it was built in preparation for the invasion of China and Korea after the devastating battle of "Hakusukinoe War" in the late 7th century.
From the eighth to ninth stations of the mountain, stone walls and earthworks are built around the mountain. Its total length was 2.8 km, and gates were set up in east, west, north and south. The wall is an earthwork, which is made by putting the soil little by little on the stones arranged in a row. The average width is about 7 m and the estimated height is about 6 m. Strong tall stone walls are built at key points, and the intimidation is overwhelming in addition to being a natural hazardous land. As described, the castle wall built with the earthen foundation and high stone walls is characterized by the fact that it is settled into and out of the castle according to the topography, like a folding screen, with a straight line of several meters to several tens of meters as a unit.
The Westmon Gate
"Oni-no sashiage iwa" (the rock of giving by Daemon)

The size of the rock on the roof of the cave is 15m long, 5m wide and 5m thick (from signboard).
According to lore, Ura gave this huge rock and built a cave.

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