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the castle town of Kawagoe

Kawagoe City, where Kawagoe Castle is located, is in the center of Saitama Prefecture. In the Edo period, the castle town of Kawagoe Castle was called "Shō-Edo" (prospering like small Edo, capital city at that time) and has a prosperous town. There are temples and shrines that existed before the Edo era, and townscapes where can taste the atmosphere of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras.

Profile : Kawagoe Castle Ruins

LocationKawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Also known asHatsukari Castle(simply means "wild geese flying first to the Castle)
Type of castleFlatland
Mountain's name
Original Honmaru Palace
DesignationSaitama Cultural Properties
Year built1457 
Castle lordŌta Dōkan
Refurbishment lordMatsudaira Nobutsuna
Portrait of Ōta Dōkan from Wikipedia
Family Crest of Ōta Clan from "Wikipedia"

The family crest was originally created from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and the pattern was made into a fixed pattern, and the one attached to his own oxcart is said to be the beginning of the family crest. The warlords drew large crests on the flag-fingers, used to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and used by the generals to determine which warlords were active and how much.

Kawagoe Castle admission

admission fee : 100yen (Adult) 50yen(under college school students)
admission time : am9-pm5
closing period : December 28 -January 4 every Monday, day after holiday and fourth Friday reference official site

Kawagoe Castle Google Map

Kawagoe Castle Images

Kawagoe Castle is from Tokugawa Ieyasu under the rule, Sakai Shigetada, high-ranking vassal of Ieyasu, enters the castle and lays the foundation of the Kawagoe Domain. It was recognized that "Edo's main gate Is Odawara Castle, the next is Kawagoe Castle" at that time, Kawagoe is considered so important for defense system, It was handed down to the end of the Edo period by Tokugawa's "Fudai Daimyōs".
At the Miyoshino Shrine in the castle, there is a legend that the wild goose flew from the north every year, crowed three times just above the big cedar, turned three times, and then flew south. This cedar was named "Hatusikari cedar". Even during the feast of Kawagoe Castle, a goose came and rang, too. He was pleased with this as a sign of good luck, It is said that Ōta Dōkan himself named it "Hatsukari".
the moat ruin of Nakanomon gate

One of three moats that combine to block the path of the enemy, 18m in width and 7m in depth, has been restored with the gradient that was built at the time in 2009

It is a Buddhist temple located in Kawagoe and the "Senba Tōshōgū Shrine" is there. Speaking of Tōshōgū, You know the shrine of Tokugawa Ieyasu, "Nikko Tōshōgū" in Nikkō City, Tochigi Prefecture and "Kunōzan Tōshōgū" in Shizuoka City, where the body of Ieyasu was initially buried. Including Senba, That famous Shrines are called "Three Great Tōshōgū Shrines of Japan".
Portrait of the archbishop "Tenkai" from Wikipedia

He was deeply involved in politics as Tougawa Ieyasu's aide, became the priest of Kitain. One year after Ieyasu's death, when the ashes are transferred from Kunōzan to Nikkō, they are said to have been stayed at Kitain for four days and memorialized.
the trench
Tōmyōji temple "the place of one of Japan's Three Great Night Fights"

A fierce battleground of "Kawagoe Night Battle" is a battle over Kawagoe Castle that took place in the Muromachi period. Former Castle lord Uesugi clan, siege Kawagoe Castle with Allied forces to retake there . The Allies are about 80,000 forces. In comparison, there are about only 3,000 Hojō clan troops in the besieged Kawagoe Castle, which had been in the castle for about six months. Approximately 8,000 reinforcements arrived at the Hojo Army, Riding in the dark night, surprised the Uesugi Allies and won brilliantly.

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