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Takeda Castle "Kojō ezu( picture in Edo Period)" from 国立国会図書館

Speaking of old castle picture maps, there are two typical example of a castle picture in the Edo period. The one is "Nihon Kojō ezu" collected by the Inagaki family, the Toba Daimyō from the mid-Edo period to the Meiji Restoration, as materials for military studies. There are about 350 illustrations, but there is no uniformity because only illustrations of castles, illustrations including castle towns, and old battlefield illustrations are mixed.

The another is "The Shōhō Shiroezu", picture of the castle and castle town that the Edo Shogunate ordered the daimyō to create and submit,aggregating military information such as the buildings inside the castle, the height of the stone wall, the width of the moat and the water depth, etc., it also details the location and shape of the castle town and the mountain river.

Profile : Takeda Castle Ruins

LocationAsago City, Hyogo Prefecture
Also known asTorafusu castle (虎臥城) : "Torafusu" simply means "Sleeping Tiger" in Japanese. Because its shape looks just like a tiger, sleeping on top of a mountain.
Type of castleMountaintop
Mountain's nameMt.Kojo
Year built1431
Castle lordYamana Sōzen
Refurbishment lordToyotomi Hidenaga (a half-brother of Toyotomi Hideyoshi) , Akamatsu Hirohide
Portrait of Yamana Sōzen from Wikipedia

Takeda Castle admission

admission fee : 500yen (More than high school students)
admission time :
spring (March 1-May 31) : am8-pm6
summer (June 1-August 31) : am6-pm6
autumn (September 1-November 30) : am4-pm5
winter (December 1-January 3) : am10-pm2
closing period : during winter (January 4 - February 28) reference official site (japanese)

Takeda Castle Google Map

Takeda Castle Images

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